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Management services

Vat registration analysis and Vat returning as per Government norms with proper maintenance of Records and Files
Book keeping (Keeping records and Files as per Global compliance accounts compliance)
Cash Flow forecasting monthly with variance analysis
Cost reduction and Cost control without affecting the quality purpose
Budgeting and Variance analysis-monthly/Quarterly/Yearly analysis
Business Forecast service based on accounting data.
Middle Men services of Bad debts (Recoverable/Irrecoverable)
Monthly Accounts closing
Inventory Review/Analysis/Valuation Method-Systematic Approach
Fixed Assets Coding and valuation-Systematic Approach
Profit and Loss + Balance Sheet-Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
Accounts Supervising
Organizing the Business structure for easy decision making and easing the Pending Culture in the organization.
All Accounting Service with Expert Analyst Services.
Asset Finance
Working Capital Short term Business Loans

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